Wedding Vendor Spotlight: Lady Kay & RevKev

As a wedding vendor in Virginia, we have worked with several amazing people. This is especially true for makeup and hair duo Lady Kay and RevKev. We have worked with them for our own personal photoshoots and wanted to know how they make it as a husband and wife team.

wedding vendor hair and makeup duo Lady Kay and RevKev

Wedding vendors Lady Kay and RevKev. Photo by Chris Everett of Chosen One Photography

When did you discover your passion for makeup? What made you want to get in the field? 

Lady Kay: Honestly, I didn’t realize that I had such a passion for makeup until other people, specifically, my husband, began encouraging me to use my gift. I always liked to “play” in makeup, but I never thought that I would become a professional makeup artist. In 2013, I realized that makeup made my heart leap! I can talk about makeup for hours, and I love enhancing a woman’s natural beauty and making her feel like a million dollars from the inside out!

When did you begin doing hair? What made you start? 

RevKev: I always had a special gift when it came to doing hair, but I hid it and ran from it for a long time. When I was in middle and high school, I would do my siblings’ and close friends’ hair and told them that they better not tell anyone that I did it. Fast forward to college, we were expecting our first child, and I tried to get a job but was unsuccessful, so, I began braiding and twisting in our college town… 14 years later, the gift that God placed in my hands has sustained my family.

When did you both start working together? What was it like working together in the beginning? 

We began working together in 2013, but consistently… Every! Single! Day! (Lol) in 2015, when we opened our own salon, Personalities Hair Studio in Columbia, SC. Although we enjoyed working together and creating magic every day, it was a little bumpy in our marriage until we found our rhythm.

Men and women are wired differently, so after working all day, Kev would want quiet, me-time, while Kristy would want to cuddle and spend even more time with Kevin. Finding balance solved that dilemma.

What do you like about working together? 

We LOVE working together! We have gotten to a point where we can literally read each other’s minds while working, which helps in creating the magic of hair and makeup. We see another side of each other while working, a more creative and inspirational side. Watching each other in our element is so motivational. We also understand each other on a deeper level, as far as the workload of being creative, whereas, a spouse on a different career path may not understand what we go through on a daily basis. We both get great joy in making our clients happy… TOGETHER!

When is the ideal time for potential clients to reach out to book you for events?

Ideally, for weddings, it’s wise to contact us 8-12 months before the wedding date, especially if it is a popular wedding date.

For events, photoshoots, etc., we like to book at least a month in advance.

Certain dates go faster than others, so always e-mail us at to check your date availability.

woman in black dress poses in front of ferris wheel at National Harbor

Makeup by LadyKay. Photo by Class & Style Productions.

On average, what can a bride and her bridesmaids expect to spend on hair and makeup? How long does each service usually take during the wedding day?

Service times and pricing vary depending upon the desired look. For the bride, pricing for hair and makeup can start around $500 and take about 2 hours. For the bridal party, pricing may start at around $175 per person and take about an hour.

As a wedding vendor, what tips can you both give future brides about booking your services? Or before booking with a hair and makeup team? 

We always encourage brides to remember, “You get what you pay for!” Bridal hair and makeup are very important, they should be timeless. When your grandkids are looking at your wedding album, they shouldn’t have to ask what was wrong with your face or why did your hair look like that. Your look should take their breath away 40 years later.

Your hairstylist and makeup artist start your morning with you and are normally touching you right before you walk down the aisle, so you want to ensure that the team has amazing customer service skills, joyful spirits, and the ability to keep you calm on the most important day of your life.

Any final thoughts? 

Thanks so much for this amazing opportunity to share more about RevKev and LadyKay! We absolutely LOVE what we do! We enjoy educating other hairstylists and makeup artists and hope that we continue to be a light in this world.

Follow them on social media at @ladykay129 and @RevKev223.

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black woman stands in front of ferris wheel at the National Harbor

Makeup by LadyKay. Photo by Class & Style Productions.

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