4 Things to Do Before Hiring a Wedding Videographer

While pictures are a great way to capture moments both big and small on your wedding day. A videographer allows you to relive your ceremony, the emotional toasts and hear the voices of loved ones for decades to come.

Often wedding photographers will have referrals for videographers, people they’ve worked with before. But wouldn’t it just be easier to deal with one set of people for all of your media needs? Thankfully, my sister and I do both! One of us excels in photography, while the other’s niche is videography. This makes media packaging, payment, transport – everything a lot easier for you and for us!

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Whether you book your wedding with us or decide to go with another photo/video combo. Here are 4 important things you need to do before signing a contract with a wedding videographer.

Do Your Research

We know searching for wedding vendors can be overwhelming, a simple Google search will provide dozens of search results. Start small, ask friends or family who were recently married who they used, or who they were referred to. As we said earlier, sometimes you can get a photo/video bundle, this helps you ensure that the styles of your photos and videos are cohesive and make sense.

Another important thing to research is budget, wedding videography can run a tab similar to or even more than wedding photography – so knowing what you can afford will help your videographer know what package and customizable options would work best for you.

Reach Out

We know how easy, and tempting it is to simply ask multiple wedding videographers for a quote and then go from there. But scheduling even a 15-minute Zoom chat or phone call will help you and the vendor decide if you both are the right fit for one another. With this being one of the biggest days of your life. It’s important that you build a relationship with your vendors, feel comfortable around them, and that they understand you to know exactly how to deliver a product you’ll love.

While you’re reaching out, make sure to ask if they’ve ever been at your venue before. If not, this gives them a chance to check it out for themselves, and be better prepared on what lighting and equipment they need. Even if it’s a venue we have captured in the past, we like to have a visit to see if any construction or remodeling was done to change things like lighting and alternative locations.

Know What You Want

It’s best to do some preliminary research and watch wedding videos either from friends, family or on Youtube. Get an idea of what makes sense for you.
Do you want interviews with parents?
Behind-the-Scenes look at the rehearsal dinner shenanigans?
Do you want a full ceremony video to watch on your anniversary? Or are you looking for a 3-7 minute highlight film to share on social media?
Once you’ve gathered some examples of what you’re looking for, it makes it easier for your videographer to create a shot list, and game plan on how to make it happen.

Choose Your Videographer

After setting a budget, vetting potential vendors, and signing a contract you might be wondering, now what? In most cases, your videographer will arrive at the same time as your photographer to start documenting the couple getting ready.

In our experience, we like to have the photographer style and set up their images while we capture the hustle and bustle that’s happening all around. We want you to focus 100% on the experience, emotions, love and laughter of the day. Let us do our best to capture these once-in-a-lifetime moments.

If you’re looking for experienced photographers to capture your day, fill out our contact form. You can also learn more about us or check out our wedding gallery.

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