Destination Birthday Photographer – Chicago Milestone Birthday Photoshoot

Like many photographers and videographers, I get nervous about being in front of the camera. So when my sister surprised me with a destination birthday photoshoot, I was a little stage freight. 

The beautiful dress she rented for my photoshoot in my favorite color purple, helped settle my nerves some. Woman stands in purple down with the Chicago Skyline behind her for a destination birthday photoshoot. Play video

Also, people commenting that I looked beautiful during my photoshoot was a big boost to my confidence.  My sister used the tricks that we use with our clients to help them loosen up. By talking to me about my daughter and cracking jokes. Those are always great to use to build a rapport with your client while capturing them. 

My wonderful dress blowing with the Chicago Skyline in the background made me feel like a princess. We were able to capture both photos and videos in different locations within walking distance of each other. This is always crucial during a photoshoot so that your client doesn’t get tired of walking especially if they’re wearing heels. Luckily,  I was able to wear my tennis shoes and it wasn’t seen under the dress another added bonus.

My birthday photoshoot captured my silly and playful personality. With any photoshoot you want your client to feel it captured them and their personality shines through whether its photography or videography. I have amazing photos and a wonderful video to look back as memories that captured my 40th birthday perfectly.

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Black woman dressed in a purple gown poses with the Chicago skyline behind her.

Black woman poses in purple gown near a glass building and on steps in Chicago, IL.

Black woman poses in purple gown near a field and against a stone wall.

Black woman in a purple gown and sneakers sits on a rock with the Chicago skyline behind her.

  1. Jessiica G says:

    Absolutely Beautiful Tye!! LOVE YOU SO MUCH

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