Virginia Photographers | Vendor Spotlight: Joli Events

Virginia-based vendor poses in front of decorated table

As Virginia photographers, we have met some amazing vendors along the way. This list definitely includes Nikiya Alexander, owner of Joli Events.


Describe what a wedding designer does?

A wedding designer handles the overall design of your wedding ceremony and reception, including florals, linens, seating, stationery, and many other fine details that create a complete wedding design.


What events do you prefer to design for?

While I love creating all types of beautiful events, 2021 has brought many milestone birthdays my way and I have grown an affinity towards birthday celebrations. There are no limitations to the design and I find they have been the most fun to create. 

Couple is surprised by decor created by Joli Events

Decor by Virginia vendor Joli Events for a surprise birthday party

What is your favorite flower to use in your designs?

My favorite flower to use in my designs is the rose. They are so versatile, come in many shades and colors, and their blooms range in size. I find that I don’t like limitations and roses give me the range I desire when creating.


How do you come up with your designs?

My designs usually stem from the color scheme. I’m very visual so with just knowing a client’s colors, I can start creating in my mind. I then look through images to find something that closely depicts my vision and then my creative process takes off. 


With the wedding surge of 2022, when should couples reach out to you to begin working with you?

Couples should reach out to me as soon as they are ready to start creating their wedding day vision, preferably before wedding invites are chosen. I strongly believe your guests should get a glimpse of your wedding day design the moment they open your wedding invite.    


Describe your ideal client?

My ideal client has a vision. They may or may not know how to execute their vision and don’t shy away from hiring a designer. They know what they want, and they want Joli Events to execute their design because they completely trust us, our work and are excited to work with us. 


Discuss your process when working with clients.

After completing our contact form, clients have the opportunity to schedule a consultation call with us. If interested in moving forward, a proposal is sent to the client for review and approval. After approval of the proposal, the client signs our contract and pays our retainer, then all the design fun begins… 


On average for intimate weddings, what should couples expect to spend for floral arrangements and table settings?

Intimate weddings are relative to the client and are strongly based on guest count. However, couples should at least expect to spend $6,000 as a base.

Nikiya, owner of Joli Events, decorates a table at a wedding in Fredericksburg, Virginia

pink and white floral arrangements on tables for a wedding in Fredericksburg, VA

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