Wedding at Historic Mankin Mansion in Richmond

Greta and Albert met in a meetup group and have been inseparable ever since. Today marks their second wedding anniversary. We’re so glad that they chose us to capture their wedding at the Historic Mankin Mansion in Richmond. Who would have guessed that a week later, the world would be so different?

Wedding gown hangs up over couch in the Historic Mankin Mansion's bridal suite.The Historic Mankin Mansion was the perfect location for these two to exchange their vows. The bridal suite is decorated in shades of ivory and gold with vintage furniture. Mankin Mansion features an open area for the ceremony with unique sculpted bushes and an elevated platform for all the guests to have a good view of the ceremony.

“He used to hang out. With every weekend until he started going to Chicago because he had met someone. Later we found out. It was Greta.”

The stories told by family and friends painted the two lovebirds in a beautiful light that you couldn’t help but get wrapped up in their story and be proud to witness their union.

Groom smiles as bride comes down the aisle at the Historic Mankin Mansion.Couple stands in front of minister during their wedding ceremony Couple hold hands as they walk down the aisle.

It was all about the music for these two once the reception started. What kind of music? 90s hip hop and R&B of course, which was evident by the first song that played as they strolled into the reception to Soul for Real’s “Candy Rain.”

The rest of the night inside of the tent was dedicated to dancing and enjoying precious time with family and friends.

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Bride gets ready in the bridal suite.Groom laughs with one of his friends outside the groom suite at the Historic Mankin MansionCouple kiss after wedding ceremonyCouples stand inside maze at Historic Mankin MansionBride and groom cut their cake and dance during their reception.

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