The Day Everything Changed: A Wedding Videography Team’s Perspective

Wow. Today, marks the second anniversary of COVID shutting down the Washington, DC area.

Two women carrying camera gear pose with a bride and groom in RichmondTwo years ago, my sister Tanekwa was on her way back from Chicago and said it felt eerie flying back to Regan National Airport. No one really grasped what was going on. The airport was very empty and some passengers wore hospital gowns.

She arrived during the middle of evening rush hour and the metro was also empty.

I decided not to go to Chicago and decided to stay home with my little one.

Who would have thought the world would be shutting down? A week prior, we were enjoying my little one turning 3, going to see a concert as well as capturing a wedding for a fun couple and their guests in Richmond.

The first couple of weeks, we edited our last wedding, checked on past clients, and stayed indoors as much as possible. We also worked on things around the house that were neglected during the wedding season.

We didn’t start back doing any shoots until October 2020, when we helped our mentor capture a wedding.

In 2021, we captured more events once restrictions were lifted. We captured a 50th Birthday Photoshoot, a senior session, and a few wedding videos. When we weren’t booked, we worked on our photography and videography skills by attending virtual conferences. We attended wedding styled shoots and did wedding videography with others.

We also redesigned our website which I must say was a huge feat!

We’re truly blessed to have amazing clients, family, and friends that support our dream.

New Normal for Wedding Videography

Black woman in a blue dress sits on a couchAs the world changed around me, I chose to document it with photography. Photography is very therapeutic. I wanted to make and capture memories safely. I know sometimes we hesitate to take photos if our hair or makeup isn’t done, or we’re not dressed up but pictures help to tell an amazing story.

In the past two years, we have learned so much. As a wedding videography team, we were capturing events that not everyone could attend so our films helped them feel part of the celebration.

Portraits capture a time that cannot be repeated and we’re thankful every time we pick up our camera.

We’re also thankful to the men and women that had to work during this time as first-time responders, truck drivers and so many others.

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