Hybrid Wedding Photography Team: Make an Entrance

As a hybrid wedding photography team(we capture video as well) in the Northern Virginia area, we love every aspect of a couple’s big day. This is when you see all of their hard work in planning pays off. One of the highlights of the day is the reception.

We all love to see the wedding party dance into the reception hall. Some may do the snake or do the splits but what we notice…

Gentleman in suit does the splits in front of a cheering crowd. Captured by Class & Style Productions, hybrid wedding photography team.They stop dancing once they get to the middle of the floor

This means a lot of guests didn’t see what they did. Once they’re in the room they either rush to their seats or clap for the others coming in. Of course as the hybrid photography team, we were able to get some shots or footage of their entrance but it’s always better to see the crowd in the shots enjoying themselves too.

This is the second time of the day that all eyes will be on them unless they’ve been chosen to give a speech. Why not show your personality?

We suggest you do a little dance when you walk in and once you get to the center, really show what you can do to hype the crowd up.

Remember, they’re hyping the crowd up before you make your grand entrance.

So go ahead and show your moves!

Need a little inspiration? YouTube and social media have loads of wedding party entrances to help you brush up on your dance routine. Remember, you were hand-picked to be part of the couple’s big day. Celebrate them and have fun.

Couples, if you’re looking for an experienced photography/videography team to capture your day in DC, Maryland, Virginia or beyond, fill out our contact form. You can also learn more about us or check out our wedding experience page.

Black man in tan suit does his fraternity dance during his entrance into the reception hall, InterContinental at the Wharf in Washington, DC.

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