Virginia Headshot Photography Session with Mangas Global Solutions CEO

As Virginia headshot photographers, we know business owners need professional photos. You can use them on your website, marketing materials, and social media.

Woman dressed in a black jacket and white shirt during her headshot session.We did a headshot session for Tonya Gooday-Minor, CEO of Mangas Global Solutions, Inc., who understands professional photos help your image.

Tell us about your business?

Mangas Global Solutions, Inc. is a professional services and technology innovations company based out of Indianapolis, Indiana. Our expertise falls into three categories: advisory, program, training support (where we provide a broad range of services).

Why was it important for you to get professional headshots?

I chose to get professional headshots for two reasons. They add to marketability and project the seriousness I have for my brand.

What did you think of the headshot photography experience?

I experienced a no-stress environment. I felt that I was dealing with a professional. Setting up the appointment and execution of the photoshoot was timely and efficient.

What future plans do you have for your business?

Mangas will continue to find work that benefits the communities we serve. Providing work opportunities for people in underutilized communities, veterans and their families is always a focus.

What sets your business apart from others?

The people on my team sets Mangas apart from others in our field. I’ve been able to attract some of the best professionals that see and work towards my vision. We’re dedicated to solving our customer’s toughest problems.

What advice do you have for other minority business owners, particularly women?

    • Read the fine print.
    • Answer the questions that are asked.
    • Be present.
    • Regardless of what you’ve heard trust but verify.
    • There is work out here for all of us. You deserve to be there like the next man as long as you have the skill set.

What advice do you have for others that are thinking about doing a photo session?

If you’re serious about your business, you want to put your best foot forward. The world is looking at you. Be the reflection of your brand. Go forward, Superstars!

Woman smiles into camera wearing a black jacket and white shirt during a Virginia headshot photography session..

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