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We’ve done a few newborn photoshoots but it’s always nice to reflect on your first one. As newborn photographers, we are able to capture your little ones’ first weeks on earth that you can enjoy for years to come. 

Traveling Newborn Photographers

A baby girl dressed in a pink tutu sleeps during a newborn photography session

When your friend has her first baby, you visit her to wish her well on this new unchartered ground in her life, no matter where she’s located. In this case, we made the decision to travel to Roanoke, Virginia.  

We woke up around 8 a.m. on a Saturday morning to make the three-hour drive. 

Before hitting the road, we stopped at Starbucks to grab a tea and a few breakfast items. 

My sister drove us there while I sat in the passenger seat editing photos from another session. 

Once at the house, it was good to see our friend. We’ve known her for over four years. Our birthdays are around each other and we’ve been on trips together. She also allowed us to do her maternity photoshoot. 

Meeting Anaya for the first time, at only two weeks old; she was very active. 

As we set up the equipment and got a chance to catch up with our friend, our little princess ate every 30 minutes. 

We dressed her as a cute unicorn, a little bear, and in a pink tutu with a princess crown. 

After this experience, we can share a few tips for parents looking to book a newborn session:

Newborn Photography Session Tips:

  • It’s best to book a newborn session in their first two weeks, this makes it easier to pose them.
  • Make sure they are fed prior to the session.
  • Work with your photographer to discuss the desired look for the shoot. Pick out colors that will compliment your home decor since more than likely prints will be purchased.
  • Please let the newborn photographer know if more than the child will be photographed. For example, siblings or any other family members will be in some of the photos.
  • Parents, please dress in coordinating colors with your child. It’s best to avoid prints that clash because they can distract from the baby in the portraits.
  • Have patience, we’re on the baby’s schedule. May need to pause to feed, change, or cuddle the little one.
  • If the baby cries, don’t worry we play lullaby music to help soothe them.


If you’re looking for experienced newborn photographers in DC, Maryland, Virginia or beyond, fill out our contact form. You can also learn more about us or check out our portrait experience page.

Mother holds baby over her shoulder during a newborn photography session A baby girl dressed as a unicorn sleeps during a her photography session A baby girl swaddled in purple fabric sleeps during her photography session Mother holds baby over her shoulder during a newborn photography session

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