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Going into a new year, it’s always nice to look at what we accomplished and what we plan to do to make ourselves and our business better.

Hello 2023, we have big plans for you!

two African-American women pose together, one in blue and one in black.

Few people know that April is Military Child Appreciation Month. We didn’t find out about it until later in life but we’ve always thought back to our days of living in various places fondly. How many can say they were born in Alaska or lived in Hawaii? We’ve even experienced a few earthquakes in Cali. […]

Military Child Appreciation Month: Two Former Army Brats Perspective

Military Child Appreciation Month. Virginia wedding photographers Tye and Tanekwa stand and watch Soldiers during a training exercise.

Before shooting weddings, we were videographers for the military. That experience taught us how to be aware of our surroundings and how to quickly get a shot. Once we transitioned out of the military, we helped to capture events here and there but finally decided a few years ago to start our own company. Along […]

Our Path to Wedding Videographers

Women wedding videographers, Tye and Tanekwa, sit on a couch during an in-home photoshoot session.

Wow. Today, marks the second anniversary of COVID shutting down the Washington, DC area. Two years ago, my sister Tanekwa was on her way back from Chicago and said it felt eerie flying back to Regan National Airport. No one really grasped what was going on. The airport was very empty and some passengers wore […]

The Day Everything Changed: A Wedding Videography Team’s Perspective

Two women carrying camera gear pose with a bride and groom in Richmond