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In a previous blog post about corporate events, we discussed capturing testimonials. In this post, we want to chat more about why they’re important. Testimonials are a great way for you to capture, in-the-moment feedback on your event. Yes, you’ll do a survey but it’s different when you can hear it from people in attendance. […]

Are corporate testimonials necessary?

Testimonial screenshots. African American man in orange shirt, White woman with blond hair and African American woman in brown sweater.

Damean Adams, owner and baker of Rumalutions, chats with us about how baking was his first love and more.

Rum cake at your next event? Yes, Please!

African American male leans agains food display.

After capturing multi-day corporate events, we can say we’ve learned a few things along the way. These tips go beyond ensuring you have an updated timeline and know where each event will be held. So if you plan to capture an event, check out our tips! Save footage in more than one place. Purchased a […]

Five Things We Learned Capturing Multi-day Corporate Events

screenshot from video of a speaker in front of a backdrop that says Signature C.E.O. Conference.