Wedding Vendor Spotlight: Kersellius Kreations

Arlington Virginia wedding vendor stands in front of a backdropLike many during the pandemic, Bianca Kersellius was looking for something different. A way to express her creativity and help couples in the Washington, DC area plan their wedding.

When did you start your business? Any special meaning behind your business name?

I launched my business in April 2020 during the pandemic. Kersellius happens to be my last name as I have Guyanese roots within my family. As far as “Kreations,” I consider myself to be a creative person, which sparked the word creations, just spelled with a “K.” After saying the name, Kersellius Kreations to myself aloud a few times and designing my logo, the name just stuck and made sense to me. 

What made you start your wedding business?

I grew tired and experienced burnout with practically every job that I held prior to starting my business. I didn’t feel truly valued at my last full-time job and I wanted a change in my career. I’ve always been a detail-oriented, creative, and organized person. I noticed that I enjoyed bringing events to life while also bringing people together for special occasions.

I always wanted to be in the wedding industry in some capacity, and after doing my research, I obtained my wedding planning certification in 2019, put a plan in action to establish my business in DC, leave my 9-5 job and take a leap of faith towards becoming my own boss. Growing up, I envisioned myself becoming my own boss someday. I just wasn’t always sure what exactly that would look like until the dots started to connect and I made it happen. 

What types of coordination/planning do you specialize in?

I specialize in wedding day coordination, which happens to be my most popular service to date. I’m known for helping couples finalize their logistics roughly 6-8 weeks from their wedding date and ensuring that their wedding day runs smoothly so that they can enjoy their big day. I offer a full-service planning package, which is relatively new as well as a few la carte services such as custom wedding planning checklist(s) for couples who need a resourceful guide to keep them on track with deadlines throughout the planning process.

I also offer virtual event brainstorming sessions where couples get to meet with me to discuss their ideas, ask questions on matters they’re unsure about (i.e. how much money they should allocate within their wedding budget), and allow me to give professional advice on how to proactively resolve matters related to their wedding and/or special occasion. 

As a wedding vendor, how do you help relieve your couples’ stress?

I’d say that I relieve my couples’ stress by supporting them and their needs, speaking encouraging words, building a trusting bond with open communication, having a positive mindset, and being an efficient-problem solver. I support my couples’ vision by listening to their needs and wants, being as transparent as I can with my communication, as well as providing them with reassurance and handling matters without them even having to question things as it relates to their wedding. I basically take care of things and proactively address matters that allow them to feel a sense of relief and satisfaction that their wedding details are covered. 

What’s the difference between coordination and planning?

In my opinion, planning is a bit more time-consuming as you’re more involved with the decision-making process from reviewing/negotiating contracts to helping couples pick their floral arrangements, whereas coordination is more so executing the couple’s plans and navigating how to efficiently ensure that the wedding runs smoothly. Planning helps create the vision whereas coordination brings the vision to life. 

What do you wish couples knew before booking a particular venue?

  • I wish couples knew the venue’s parking protocol. Things to consider: if guests have to pay to park; if there’s separate parking for vendors. 
  • If the venue will have onsite staff throughout the entire duration of the wedding and if so, what role will they plan throughout the day.
  • Is there a bridal suite and additional rooms for the wedding party to be tucked away?
  • If the venue allows wedding décor/accessories to be set up the day before the wedding and if items can be left overnight following the reception. Also, how early can vendors arrive to set up on the wedding day?
  • Cancelation policies concerning COVID-19.
  • Does the total fee cover the cleaning fee, breakdown, etc.; noise restrictions; décor restrictions; handicap accessibility accommodations?

What do you think more couples need to consider for their big day?

As a wedding vendor, I think more couples need to consider transportation and the flow of the day/run of the show especially if their ceremony is at a different location than the cocktail hour and reception. I also think couples need to consider the accommodations of their elderly guests, kids and those with accessibility needs.

Additionally, I would say that couples should consider a designated time to eat during the morning-early afternoon between a busy schedule as well as have private time where it’s just the two of them before seeing all their guests. This is why I love 1st look photos! A lot happens throughout the wedding day, so it’s important for couples to have a moment to themselves ahead of a busy day of taking photos, getting dressed, talking to guests, going from place to place and interacting with numerous people from guests to vendors. 

Anything else you would like to add? 

I’d love to share some tips for couples.

  1. Make sure that you have designated people in mind who will help gather your belongings at the end of the reception (i.e. gifts, cards, leftover cake, etc.); Absolutely have a rehearsal with your planner/coordinator before the wedding. This is key in making sure that the wedding party is aware of their roles and important details ahead of the wedding day;
  2. Do not break the bank planning your wedding. Be reasonable with your spending and remember that your wedding day is about YOU AND YOUR SPOUSE.
  3. Do not allow last-minute guests to RSVP beyond the 2-week mark of your wedding. They had plenty of time to decide. This may throw several wrenches in logistics that involve catering, the venue, and of course your planner/coordinator. 

If you want Kersellius Kreations to help with your planning needs, reach out to Bianca via email at or contact her on Instagram.

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