Five Things We Learned Capturing Multi-day Corporate Events

After capturing multi-day corporate events, we can say we’ve learned a few things along the way. These tips go beyond ensuring you have an updated timeline and know where each event will be held. So if you plan to capture an event, check out our tips!

    1. Save footage in more than one place.

      • Purchased a drive and every night we were backing it up to the drive. Once the event ended, wanted to start editing right away but the drive didn’t work. Thankfully, the footage remained on the cards and backed over 250 GB worth of footage onto another drive.
      • We also saved the footage in our online storage account.
    2. Record testimonials throughout the corporate event

        • The planner wanted testimonials to post on social media and send out in emails to promote next year’s conference.
        • Testimonials also allow event planners to hear what attendees thought about the event.
        • Testimonials are great for highlight films as well.
        • We had a list of 3 questions we asked them and which helped to give the attendees a baseline to get their thoughts together. Also, alleviated the guesswork about what they should talk about. They could go in-depth and give great insight into what they learned.
        • Ensure you’re able to capture people each day of the event. The people who are there on day one may not be there on day two or three. Attendees’ schedules change, if you want to get them, get them when you see them and politely ask them for their thoughts. More than likely, they will say yes.
    3. Capture, Capture, Capture

      • We captured everything from the programs, gift bags, guests talking during breaks, etc.
        • All these shots are great for highlight films.
        • This footage is also great for social media to showcase what potential attendees can expect to see next year if they attend.
    4. Have more than one source for audio

      • What good is clean footage if the audio isn’t good?
      • We recorded to an external Zoom recorder that we received a signal from the DJ’s board.
      • We had a wireless Rode mic on the podium with the sound going to one of our cameras. This allowed us to monitor it at all times.
    5. Multiple angles are a must

      • Not only did we create highlight films but we also sent full videos of each speaker.
      • We had a camera in the back of the room and one off to the side.
        • For the majority of the corporate event, both cameras were pointed at the speaker.
        • During the Q&A portions of the presentations, the side camera allowed us to capture attendees asking questions.

screenshot from video of a speaker in front of a backdrop that says Signature C.E.O. Conference.

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