Are corporate testimonials necessary?

In a previous blog post about corporate events, we discussed capturing testimonials. In this post, we want to chat more about why they’re important.

Testimonials are a great way for you to capture, in-the-moment feedback on your event. Yes, you’ll do a survey but it’s different when you can hear it from people in attendance.

But what if no one wants to give a testimony?

One way to ensure people are ready to be in front of the camera is to let them know there will be a video team at your event. We’ve captured a few events and several times attendees gave us the deer-in-the-headlights stare. Your attendees expect a photographer, but it’s different for video.

To combat this, prep your guests. Let them know in advance why they’re being filmed and what these videos will be used to create. Once people know, more than likely they would love to help.

Announce before breaks that they can do a testimonial. You want to give your conference attendees many opportunities to give one.

Location for testimonials- We prefer not to be in the main room. During breaks, attendees want to mingle, which can distract the person in front of the camera. A quiet location with natural light or a place where we can set up a light to ensure they look great on-camera is always best. If possible, the area can resemble the rest of your event or a less-trafficked area of the venue.

What to ask attendees?

Don’t worry, we’ve done this several times and have questions to ask attendees to help guide their response. We like to ask them why they attended the event, what have they learned, and why others should attend. Usually, we ask the questions or you can have someone else ask them the questions off-camera.

How many testimonials are necessary?

It depends. But the more the better! Here are some ways you can use these videos:

  1. Use these videos in your highlight film to get potential attendees excited about next year’s events.
  2. Embed them into your newsletter as recaps.
  3. Social media posts as proof of the importance of attending your event.
  4. They can also let you know what worked for your event and what you can improve for the next one.

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